Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, please feel free to contact us

Will I require a new door to have inserts installed?
Our door inserts can be installed into most existing front doors. Most doors can be cut to accommodate our full length glass designs and installation is always provided free of charge.
If I have a half size door insert in my door, can I have a full-length one installed?
We can install our full length door inserts into almost all doors that have a half size insert in them.
Can you do the glass on the side(s) of the door (sidelites) and on the top (transom)?
Our Custom Shop can create sidelites and transoms in any design. We can match existing door inserts or create one-of-a-kind pieces to your specifications. Many cost effective options are available for customers who simply require privacy and have no interest in having a design in the glass. Just ask us!
Will I get drafts or heat loss through my new door inserts?
Absolutely not! We manufacture our inserts to the highest quality standards to ensure that they are completely weatherproof and waterproof. We use multiple seals on our inserts and frames and they are designed to withstand the harshest Canadian winters. Our inserts offer better insulation that many front doors! They also offer extreme noise suppression compared to ANY builder’s units.
How long does installation take?
Installation generally takes 30 minutes per door. Sidelites and transoms also require about 30 minutes each to install.
If I want to paint my doors, should I do it before or after installation?
Door painting should always be done after your new inserts are installed. We do not harm any surfaces while installing, but it is much easier for painting to be done after the installation is complete.
Do your door inserts offer privacy?
Our wrought iron door inserts offer 100% privacy. You cannot see in or out through them but they let in full light. Our stained glass designs offer varying degrees of privacy and we can explain the features of each design to you.
The design I am looking for is not on your website.
Not a problem. We can custom make inserts in any design. Simply contact us for a free estimate.
Which areas do you service?
We cover the GTA and can even service areas within a 2 hour drive of Toronto, depending on the job.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept most major credit cards, e-transfers and in some cases cash. We do not take deposits on any order. Payment can be made after the job is completed and you are totally satisfied with the work performed.
How can I view your available door inserts?
You can contact us directly to set up a free home appointment. We can then bring actual inserts and designs you favor to your home, so you can see the quality of our products firsthand and choose your design. We can set the inserts against your front doors to allow you to easily see how varying designs will look on your home and we can even install them on the spot.
You can view wrought iron and stained glass door inserts on our website.
What is your warranty?
Northern Lights Glass offers a full, comprehensive 10 year warranty on each of our door inserts, sidelites, transoms, or fixed window designs. Our warranty covers each unit against any type of seal failure or condensation between the sealed panes of glass. If a product ever shows signs of seal failure, we will replace it at no cost to you. We would cover any expense incurred such as delivery, installation, or material required to perform the work. We truly stand behind the quality of our entire product line and offer a solid warranty for those very rare cases where an insert simply has to be replaced.
Do you have a showroom?

Though we have been in business for over 30 years, we choose not to have a showroom or physical location for many reasons. In order to be competitive in today’s marketplace, we strive to offer the highest quality products at fair prices. Showrooms and offices create a large overhead that would somehow need to be justified, as well as passed onto consumers somehow.

By saving on rent, hydro, employees’ wages and training, as well as other costs, we are able to function in a more streamlined and cost effective environment. Not having a showroom allows us to pass these savings to our customers and supports our continual product development in many ways.

We offer free shop-at-home service as well as free design consultation. Since we bring our inserts right to your front door for you to see, buying new door inserts has never been easier!

You can always view our products on our website. We have brochures, flyers, photographs, a jobs gallery and designs in various digital formats that allow any potential customer to easily select the design they seek.

Is installation included in your price?
We always offer free installation on every order. Installations usually take about 30 minutes per door.
How do the seals on your inserts differ from other products on the market?
This is an area where there can be absolutely no compromise. Northern Lights Glass is known for the unique seal systems used on our inserts. Each of our hand-crafted wrought iron or stained glass panels are sealed between two tempered glass panes using a unique spacer bar system. A desiccant filled, aluminum spacer bar (which can never rust) is used to ensure even spacing around the perimeter of the glass panes. We use strong corner beads to ensure the spacer bars cannot move and that no desiccant can escape. The outer most seal is applied using a two-part polysulphide mix from either Italy or Germany (they are known for making the highest quality polysulphide). This creates a completely weatherproof seal around the panes of glass, so that no air can enter through the seal. This time consuming glass sealing method (versus a cheaper swiggle strip) is the only way to ensure completely strong, durable, airproof seals that stand the test of time and extreme Canadian weather conditions.